Ringworm disease and how to cope

Tropical climates such as in Indonesia can make the skin vulnerable to attack one of them is a skin disease ringworm. This type of skin disease emergence due to fungal infection of the skin. This infectious disease has typical symptoms on the skin surface of a ring stain red, itchy and can be thickened and discolored. Some parts of the human body can be affected is the scalp, nails, groin, toes and other body skin, can also attack animals such as cats and dogs.

There are a few things that is recommended for people with ringworm disease, namely:

  • Avoid direct contact or sharing personal items with people around so that the disease is not contagious to others.
  • Diligent cleaning of the affected skin and also both hands by using anti-septic soap or soap that contains sulfur or sulfur that functions as an anti-fungal.
  • Immediately clean the affected skin during hot and humid weather because the weather is like this gives a positive climate for the fungus to grow even faster.
  • Avoid scratching the affected skin with a nail because it will worsen the infection.
  • Use a skin disease drugs are sold freely in pharmacies.
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